Welcome to  Pastors on the Wheel Ministry Int'l

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About Us


Welcome to Pastors on the wheel Ministry International. Is  a none denominational and Holistic Ministry. A Christian Network and Fellowship of Ministers, Churches and ministries. The Ministry Aim is  bringing pastors together and uniting ourselves as force to reaching the unreached in the rural part of Liberia.(Mark 15:16, Math28:19-20.

Pastors on the wheel ministry International is incorporated in Liberia and will maintain an international central Headquarters in other nations in future.


The vision of this Holistic ministry:

- Bringing pastors and churches together for outreach purpose in the rural part of the nation, Liberia.

To help people in their work with God.

To train and release skillful leaders as share to the disciplining the nation by planting churches in every town across the country.

We haves passions for the lost souls in the area of street outreach, prison ministry, Hospital ministry, Old folk's ministry and also creating of Water Wells Hand Pump in every communities in Liberia etc.



POTWMI is straightly bible base ministry. This ministry believes straightly in The Holy Bible, precisely; the Trinity, water Baptism and Baptism of the Holy Spirit which is speaking in tongues as the spirit gives utterance, Holy communion, also believe in the death, Resurrection and return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We also believe in the salvation of souls, healing ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ as the son of God.



POTWMI is founded through monthly and annual membership dues, namely; Voluntary tithes and pledges from believers, pastors Head ministries and friends of the ministries, also from programs and donors


Membership Eligibility

Membership of the ministry is open to all churches which have chosen to fellowship with POTWMI and any ordained or licensed ministers approved by the executive board of the POTWMI, in Liberia.

All who desire membership must subscribed to its statement of faith and agreement to be governing by by-law of the ministry.

Prospective member’s method

Prospective members shall complete a  POTWMI application form and return with a no-refundable screening deposit of LD $ 200.00 only . Also monthly due payment is LD $ 500.00

Meeting Scheduled

All members of pastor on the wheel ministry shall meet twice every week and every month.